EXILE member Kenchi Tachibana is married!

EXILE/EXILE the SECOND MEMBER Kenchi Tachibana has announced that he is married! Recently celebrating his 40th birthday on September 28th, the dancer married a 30-year-old non-celebrity woman on October 1st.

Not much is known about his wife, but the two did somehow met through his agency LDH. In the statement they also made it a point that she is not pregnant! No shotguns here.

Kenchi commented that he still feels like he’s immature, but is very excited for this new journey in his life.

Kenchi got his start in LDH as one of the performer members of Nidaime J Soul Brothers. In March 2009 when the groups were shuffled, he became a member of EXILE. While still in EXILE, in 2012 he also became a member of the group EXILE THE SECOND.