Erina Mano shows off 7 distinct hairstyles with “prostyle” collaboration

Actress Erina Mano has begun a collaboration with prostyle, a line of  beauty hair products. Starting in February 2017 Erina was paired with various prominent celebrity hair stylists who created a different look for her solely using products from prostyle’s current line. Each week a new look was unveiled, bringing the grand total to 7.

The styles range from something you could wear everyday casually, to more “avant-garde” looks that came straight off the pages of a fashion magazine, and styles that are quite sophisticated to show the versatility of prostyle products. Each week a short video was also released with each new style, showing viewers how the hairstylists were able to pull it off.

Photos and videos of all the different hairstyles can be seen below.

1. Feel Fluffy

2. Flower Fairy

3. Urban Mellow

4. Japan Pieces

5. Lovely Tail

6. Glossy Nude

7. New Bubble


Which hairstyle is your favorite?