Erika Sawajiri shows her ‘flawless face’ in new ’24h’ CM

Actress and singer, Erika Sawajiri (28) has been chosen to promote natural cosmetic brand ‘24h’’s new foundation. The CM will begin airing nationwide on September 19th.

In the CM, Sawajiri can be seen backstage in a green dress as a makeup artist gets her ready for a photoshoot. In the end, she has a perfect look which the CM dubs the “Sawajiri Face”. The background music plays light jazz and in the last scene Sawajiri is surrounded by white balloons, which are used to represent the brand’s “dot” symbols on their packaging .

The two new foundations are called “24h pure beautiful skin mineral foundation set” and “Premium pure beautiful skin mineral foundation set”. Both sets will go on sale September 19th.

(via: Oricon)