Erika Sawajiri pleads guilty to MDMA and LSD possession

Actress Erika Sawajiri, who was accused of violating Japan’s Drug Control Law for possession of MDMA and LSD, went to trial at the Tokyo District Court on January 31.

The prosecution sought a jail term of 18 months for her. The case was closed the same day, with the court set to hand down a ruling next Thursday.

For the trial, 2,229 people lined up at Hibiya Park, located near the district court, for numbered ticket distribution for the 19 public gallery seats available in the courtroom.

ANN News reports on the lines outside the district court

It has been more than two-and-a-half months since the 33-year-old actress was arrested on November 16 over drug possession in her Tokyo home apartment. The search uncovered two MDMA capsules (approximately 0.2 grams), a piece of paper containing LSD and approximately 0.7 grams of liquid containing LSD.

Following her arrest, Sawajiri was released on 5 million yen ($46,115) bail on December 6. Her management company, Avex Management, supports her drug rehabilitation said she has been in a medical facility for treatment.

In the courtroom today, Sawajiri sported a fitted black pantsuit with a white shirt; her natural black-toned hair tied up into a sophisticated ponytail. She took the testimony stand to introduce herself, stating her name and that she was unemployed.

When asked by the judge about the charges, she wholly acknowledged them, admitting “there is no doubt” about the allegations.

The prosecution’s opening statement claimed that the defendant had begun using illegal drugs, such as cannabis and cocaine, from the age of 19.

Defendant Erika Sawajiri listening to witness interrogation of expanding physician (via Asahi)

A medical physician, who was present as a defense witness, explained that tests showed that MDMA and LSD are not addictive, but that cannabis could potentially be mildly addictive. They claimed that Sawajiri did not use cannabis during TV and film shoots, only on her downtime during long breaks. At the time of the arrest, she did not test positive for any illegal substance.

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