Erika Sawajiri pleads guilty to MDMA and LSD possession

During the trial, Sawajiri spoke of her current life in rehab.

I was admitted to the hospital and studied the effects of drugs on the body under the consultation of doctors,” said Sawajiri. “I was relieved that I had no dependence, but I felt shocked because I thought I could stop using cannabis.

Sawajiri continued:

I only noticed after being arrested and losing everything [that there was a problem]. I thought I was in control of the drug, that I could stop it at any time. That was a big mistake. I thought I could control the drug, but the drugs were controlling me. I was trapped in fake friendships in an escapist world and I couldn’t get out. The unproductive day-to-day life with them was all an illusion. I regret it from the bottom of my heart.

During the trial, the lawyer asked about her future plans.

I am not thinking about returning [as an actress],” said Sawajiri during her trial. “My actions as a person in a position of influence were selfish. I’ve betrayed and hurt too many people. The price is too much…I don’t think I’m capable enough to make a return.”

When the prosecutor asked, “You’ve seen other celebrities arrested for drug cases and knew what would happen, why didn’t you stop?“, Sawajiri responded, “I couldn’t suppress the temptation.

Erika Sawajiri entering the courthouse concealed by black curtains

At the end of the hearing, Sawajiri was encouraged by the judge to take a stand and was given the opportunity for a closing comment, in which she apologized to her family, friends, staff, and fans.

I can’t regret what I’ve done enough,” she said. “I want to recover so that I don’t repeat something like this ever again.

The prosecutor sentenced Sawajiri to one year and six months in prison on the grounds that she has been addicted to illegal drugs since she was 19 years old. Meanwhile, her defense lawyers have sought a suspended sentence.

A ruling on the case is due to be handed down on February 6.

(via NHK)

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