Emi Suzuki & Kaela Kimura’s friendship continues to thrive

Model Emi Suzuki and singer Kaela Kimura have a really cute friendship!

Their history dates back to the mid 00s, when they were models for the popular fashion magazine Seventeen. Both them received a huge burst in popularity, but took different career paths.

Suzuki continued to be one of the most prominent models in Japan, which led her into some acting gigs. Kimura on the other-hand went on to make music her primary profession, having a very successful career as a singer-songwriter.

They kept in touch over the years, and coincidentally both of them ended up giving birth to a baby girl in October 2013.

Kimura can now add “children’s book author” to her long list of accomplishments, she recently released her first one titled “Neck & Heart”.

Suzuki made a post on her official Instagram account with her own copy of the book. She shared that book contains important life lessons that even adults should read about. Every time Suzuki brings it to her daughters bedside to read, she’s full of excitement. She thanked Kaela for creating something her beloved daughter cherishes so much.

Fans continue to gush in the comment section reminiscing about Suzuki and Kaela’s time in Seventeen, complimenting their status as mothers, and how wonderful it is that the two are still friends.