EDM idol group Chu-Z first major single ‘Bombastic!’

Idol group Chu-Z’s major debut single ‘Bombastic!‘ will be released on October 1st.

The group first released an album Nippon Columbia titled ‘Chu-Z My Music‘ back in July, and now they’re finally getting to release their first single: an aggressive EDM number. In the video, the girls show off a lively performance at the club and in a pro-wrestling ring.

Available in three versions, the first press will get a special trading card out of a total 30. Collect them all…!(?)

‘Bombastic!’ Track list


01. Bombastic!
02. Direct to U
03. Bombastic! (instrumental)
04. Direct to U (instrumental)
・「ボンバスティック!」Music Video & Making Clip


01. Bombastic!
02. Direct to U
03. Onegai スコール / Sun-Chu▽(Askua、KANA、Miku)


01. Bombastic!!
02. Direct to U
03. iya iya iya / Bling Bling Princess(麻衣愛、LUNA、KAEDE)