Delve Deep Into the World of Passepied

This is a 2 part subbed interview that the band recently did with MTV81, a new MTV channel with the mission of spreading Japanese pop culture overseas.

A bit of background on the band:¬†Passepied is a mysterious band led by Narita Haneda, who studied classical music at Tokyo University of the Arts. The band incorporates elements of new-wave and techno-pop music to their sound and takes it to the new level. Added to the fact that the band members never reveal their faces outside of their concerts, the only female band member and vocalist, Natsuki Ogoda, who also works with the band’s artworks, possesses a quality that adds to the mystery of the band.

Pretty sure that Narita Haneda is a stage name unless this guy is somehow magically named after Tokyo’s 2 main airports.

The interview:

Part 1
Part 2

They released their new album Makunouchi ISM last month. Their album from last year, Enshutsuka Shutsuen, was a personal fave of mine for that year. My fave song from it: