Overseas Japanese Performances and Appearances in 2014

The second half of 2014 will be exciting for fans of Japanese music as many acts are going international! In the upcoming months, a handful of fan-favorite artists, groups, models and everything in between will make special appearances overseas to perform for foreign crowds. This is definitely a brief list so let us know what we missed.

Going on right now

Japan Expo (July 2 – July 6; Paris)

For it’s 15th anniversary, Japan Expo in Paris is going to be bigger than ever. Its prime location gives easy access to most European countries, so if you live in a neighboring country this is not an event to miss! The musical guests of honor include not only one Hello! Project group but two this year.

Read more the guest list and a bunch of other conventions and concerts.

  • Berryz Kobo×°C-ute
  • A for-Real
  • 1000SAY
  • Hakuei
  • Nogizaka46
  • Moumoon
  • Shoko Nakagawa
  • Yoshiki (X JAPAN)
  • Daigo Ikeno(Street Fighter Character Designer)
  • Izumi Matsumoto (Mangaka)
  • Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo General Manager)
  • Kitarou Kosaka (Studio Ghibli animator)
  • …a bunch more!

More information is available on their website.

Actress, illustrator, singer, cat licker extraordinaire Shoko Nakagawa was so excited to have met her two Hello! Project faves: “A dream come true! Hello Project love!! Berryz Kobo sama and C-ute sama!!! They smell nice! Cute!! I met them in France!”

Check out more information at their website.

Anime Expo 2014 (July 3 – 6; LA)

No singing acts this year, but plenty of voice actors and writers for anime!

  • Stephanie Morgenstern
  • Kimura U
  • Yoshiki Sakurai
  • Eiko Tanaka
  • Ami Koshimizu
  • …a bunch more!

Check out the guest list on their website.

Upcoming & Ongoing

LOKA “ECHOEZ” Europe Tour 2014 (June 20 – July 13; Europe)

  • June 20: Bar Live 301 – Roubaix (FR)
  • June 21: Citrons Masqués – Yverdon-les-Bains (CH) – Free
  • June 22: Covent Garden – Paris (FR)
  • June 24: La Marquise – Lyon (FR)
  • June 26: Café International – Besançon (FR)
  • June 27: Die Werkstatt – Cologne (DE)
  • June 28: MUSICON – Den Haag (NL)
  • June 29: Le Garage, Liège (BE)
  • July 4th: Rock Box – Luxembourg – Free
  • July 5th: Japan Expo – Paris
  •  July 7th: Rock Sound, Barcelona (SP)
  • July 8: Secret Place, Montpellier (FR)
  • July 10: Garage DeLuxe – Munich (DE)
  • July 11: REPPLUGGED – Vienna (AU)
  • July 12: Storm Club – Prague (CZ)
  • July 13: Progresja – Warsaw (PL)

Tokyo in Tulsa (July 11 – 13; Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Tokyo in Tulsa is a Japanese and Pop Culture convention centered on Japanese Animation. Along with the voice actors, Music will be provided by DJ MaRia, one of the busiest female DJs in Tokyo, and FEMM (FAR EAST MENTION MANNEQUINS) in their first American performance (and probably ever since they don’t get promotion).

Their website has a detailed guest list.

Church Of Misery –  European Tour 2014 (July 18 – August 17; Europe)

  • July 18: (LTU) Anyksciai, Devilstone Festival 2014
  • July 19: (POL) Warsaw, Fonobar
  • July 19: (GER) Rostock, JAZ
  • July 19: (GER) Berlin, Cassiopeia
  • July 19: (AUT) Vienna, Arena
  • July 23: (HUN) Budapest, A38
  • July 25: (GER) Munich, Backstage, Free And Easy Festival 2014
  • July 16: (ITA) Rocca Sinibalds (RI), Totem Psych Fest 2014
  • July 17: (GBR) London, Underworld
  • July 28:(GBR) Manchester, Academy 3
  • July 29: (GBR) Bristol, The Fleece
  • July 30: (GER) Wiesbaden Schlachthof
  • July 31: (GER) Köln, MTC
  • August 1: (FRA) Paris, Glazart
  • August 2: (GER) Bad Kötzting, Void Fest 2014
  • August 4: (GER) Hamburg, Hafenklang
  • August 5: (GER) Osnabrück, Bastard Club
  • August 6: (GER) Dresden, Chemiefabrik
  • August 7: (CZE) Pevnost Josefov, Brutal Assault Festival 2014
  • August 8: (AUT) Milstätter See, Sauzipf Festival 2014
  • August 9: (BEL) Ieper, Ieperfest 2014
  • August 10: (FRA) Saint Maurice de Gourdans, Sylak Festival 2014
  • August 12: (ITA) Cascina (PI), The Jungle
  • August 13: (ITA) Savignano Sul Rubicone (FC), Sidro Club
  • August 14: (ESP) Moledo, Sonic Blast Festival 2014
  • August 17: (FRA) Theix, Motocultor Festival 2014

J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL (July 19 – 20; San Francisco)

The 6th annual J-Pop Summit Festival is a pop culture-themed street fair in Japantown, San Francisco. It includes attractions such as the 2nd annual Japan Film Festival of San Francisco, a food festival, J-POP Live! at Union Square, live bands, fashion shows and contests by Japanese brands, art performances, celebrity appearances. And a pocky eating contest. Here’s a snippet of

  • Tokyo Girls’ Style
  • Kylee
  • May’n
  • AKIRA (model)
  • Misa Kimura (model)
  • Una (model)

LADY GAGA’s artRave (July 30 – August 6; Various Locations in the US)

“When BABYMETAL metamorphoses into LADYMETAL … A METAL MONSTER is born!”
With their 1st full album “BABYMETAL” released in February, they topped the metal charts on iTunes in US, Canada, and Germany. For a couple of stops on Lady Gaga’s artRAVE tour this month, BABYMETAL have been selected as supporting act!

  • 07/30 Phoenix, AZ US Airways Arena
  • 08/01 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena
  • 08/02 Stateline, NV Harveys Lake Tahoe
  • 08/04 Salt Lake City, UT Energy Solutions Arena
  • 08/06 Denver, CO Pepsi Center

Animethon 21 (August 8 – 10; Edmonton, Canada)

At this year’s Animethon in Edmonton, An Cafe and Magistina Saga will be performing.

Find out more information on their website.

Heavy Montreal Festival (August 9; Montreal)

BABYMETAL have been tons of overseas attention lately due to their unique concept of ideas you usually wouldn’t put together. As soon as they’re done supporting Lady Gaga on her artRAVE tour, the trio will be performing in Montreal in the same lineup as Metallica!

Tickets are still available on their website.

AnimeFest 2014 (August 15 – 18; Dallas, Texas)

At this year’s AnimeFest in Dallas, FLOW will be performing.

Find out more information on their website.

Japan Festa 2014 (August 30; Bangkok)

Former Morning Musume member Reina Tanaka will be taking her band LoVendoЯ to Thailand! The festival hosted other Hello! Projectin recent years such as Berryz Kobo  in 2012 and Ai Takahashi in 2013. LoVendoЯ’s performance will take place in CENTRAL SQUARE WORLD and will start at 15:30 (local Bangkok time).

More information is available on the Japan Festa website.

Tokyo Crazy Kawaii (September 12 – 14; Taipei)

In this event, Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei recreates the 6 most characteristic districts in Tokyo – Shibuya, Harajuku, Akihabara, Tsukiji, and Nippon, continuing from last year in Paris and the newly added area, Asakusa to present a variety of genres such as fashion, music, food, anime, game, character, and festival.

Performances by:

  • Eir Aoi
  • Dempagumi.inc
  • moumoon
  • Bijo♂Men Z

Find out more information on their website.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014 (September 26 – 28; Atlanta)

Atlanta has a whole weekend dedicated to anime. Along with appearances by Junichi Suwabe, there will be performances by HOME MADE KAZOKU, Shonen Knife and MIQ and a fashion show with the brand Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Check out more information as guest list updates on their website.

Morning Musume in NYC (October 5; NYC)

Last month, idol group Morning Musume ’14 announced an overseas one-off concert in New York City that marks the group’s first overseas performance in 4 years. For leader Sayumi Michishige, this will be her last as she is set to graduate from the group at the end of touring this fall. The performance will be held at October 5, 2014 at the Best Buy Theater in New York Times Square. The performance will be followed by a handshake event at the venue starting for those who buy a CD.

Tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster now! VIP tickets are sold out.

HATSUNE MIKU EXPO (October 11-12, 17-18; LA and NYC)

HATSUNE MIKU EXPO is a festival boasts a Hatsune Miku concert show using cutting-edge technology and live band as well as an exhibition focused on the virtual singer and the cultural movement  she inspired.

Check out their website for more information.

Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd (October 31 – November 15; NYC, LA, Taiwan, Singapore, London)

Following their overseas performances in four Asian countries in 2012 and the three European countries in 2013, Perfume has announced “Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd” for Fall of this year. This international tour covers new territory for the group and will include stops in New York City, Los Angeles, Taiwan, Singapore, and London.

Check your local ticket sites for availability.