KAT-TUN’s First National Tour as Four Members

On July 8, KAT-TUN kicked off their “KAT-TUN LIVE TOUR 2014 come Here” by returning to their very first concert stage at the Tokyo International Forum, after 12 years. Back in 2002 during pre- debut, 550,000 fans applied for tickets for their concert at the said venue. Returning to the concert venue has been like re-starting their memories. This is also KAT-TUN’s first tour as a 4 member group . The tour will continue on with 22 more performances in 10 locations, and will end at Kyocera Dome for another year end Countdown Live.

“It feels tense to face the audience at this distance, but it also makes me determined,” Kamenashi Kazuya commented. Ueda Tatsuya also feels uneasy, “but doing first tour here is impressive, I’ll make this a day to remember”. Taguchi Junnosuke hopes that the distance between them and the hyphens (=fan) will be closer, and Nakamaru Yuichi feels emotional because it’s like returning to starting point that it evokes a sense of recklessness. When he watched the members rehearse their solos beside the stage, it made him recall his memories from 12 years ago which almost made him cry.


Kamenashi said that the tour may not have been possible if it weren’t for the voices of the fans. Thus, their latest album and tour is titled – come Here – to show the closeness of their relationship with their fans. “H” is in capital to signify their 8th original album, in which “H” also happens to be the 8th letter in the English alphabet, and “H” also stands for hyphens.



Sources: Jnewseng, Sanspo, News24