Kanjani8 to release “Kanjanism” Dome Tour DVD/ Blu-ray

Kanjani8’s “Kanjanism Live Tour 2014-2015” will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on April 29.

The release will include the final performance at Osaka, Kyocera Dome on January 12, from the the group’s 5 Dome Tour (November – January) which mobilized 600,000 people. It centers around the music of their latest album “Kanjanism”, also showcasing some older songs, as well as unit songs and solo songs from the album.

The Limited Edition DVD will include MC Digest of each venue and Kanjani8 House. The Blu-ray Disc will include a multi angle video of Misoji Shounen/ Masterpiece/ Zou/ Doya-gao Jinsei/ Omoidama).

Check out below for the details and tracklist of “Kanjanism Live Tour 2014-2015”.

DISC 1- 2

  • EJ Coaster
  • Musekinin Hero
  • Gamushara Koshinkyoku
  • RAGE
  • Misoji Shounen
  • Adam and Eve
  • Ice Cream
  • Michi
  • Masterpiece
  • Frozen Margarita
  • Futatsu te to te
  • CloveR
  • T.W.L
  • Cool Magic City
  • Ai love you
  • Butterfly I Loved
  • Ai igai no nandemo nai
  • fantastic music!
  • Revolver
  • Airairo
  • Wanshan Ronpin
  • Bansou
  • Zou
  • Elephant
  • King of Otoko!
  • Single medley (Sukiyanen, Osaka/Wahaha/Kung Fu FightingAoppana/Hesomagari)
  • Yu
  • Doya-gao Jinsei
  • Itta janai ka
  • LIFE ~me no mae no mukou e~


  • Omoidama
  • Mugendai
  • Zukkoke Otoko Michi


Double Encore

  • It’s my soul
  • All is well

Limited Edition DVD
4 discs

  • Disc 1- 2 Tracklist
  • Special package, photobook 44p
  • ENDROLL: Omoidama “Kanjanism” Remix
  • Kanjani8 House
  • Each venue MC digest

Regular Edition DVD
2 discs

  • Disc 1- 2 Tracklist
  • ENDROLL: Gamushara koshinkyoku “Kanjanism” Remix

Blu-Ray Disc

  • Disc 1- 2 Tracklist
  • ENDROLL: Gamushara koshinkyoku “Kanjanism” Remix
  • Multi Angle (Misoji Shounen/ Masterpiece/ Ban sou/ Doya-gao Jinsei/ Omoidama)

(via Natalie, Infinity Records)