juice=juice celebrate new single with professional wrestler

To celebrate the release of their new single ‘Black Butterfly/Kaze ni Fukarete‘, Hello! Project idol group juice=juice held a mini live event and handshake meeting.

They performed at the LaQua Garden Stage to a crowd of 700 people, starting with their new song ‘Black Butterfly’ and continuing with previous singles like ‘Romance no Tochuu’ and ‘Hajimete wo Keikenchuu’.

In a thunderous roar, professional wrestler Masahiro Chono barged in and yelled ‘I am CHONO!!’. The wrestler, whose nickname is Black Charisma, is currently commemorating the 30th anniversary of his professional wrestling career. He toasted to good health with a glass of juice with each member.

Additionally, he had the girls introduce themselves how he would and essentially improve their idol greeting.

I am Miyazaki! I am not sick!
I am Karin! I am idol cyborg~
I am Uemura! I am from Osaka.
I am Takagi! I am stronger than Chono!
I am Kanazawa! I am rose quartz

Get a feel of the event with this footage from Oricon:

Black Butterfly/Kaze ni Fukarete‘ was released earlier today and came in second on the daily Oricon charts selling 29,134 units.