Arashi Ends 5-Dome Tour with State-of-the-Art Technology

Last December 23, popular group Arashi celebrated the final day of their 5-large Dome Tour at Tokyo Dome.

Titled as “THE DIGITALIAN“, state-of-the-art digital technology was used for 55,000 fans. Instead of using penlight, LED fan-lights were used to illuminate the entire dome. A first of an attempt in the world, Matsumoto Jun worked with structure and production, which took three years and he’s satisfied to see the results. “I was able to see a wonderful scene in your favor,” he commented as fan-lights get illuminated in Arashi’s five colors using wireless LED system. A huge and tall moving stage called “ARASHI MOVING WING” was also utilized.

LED system aside, all members’ heart rate were monitored from the beginning, real-time on a video. The members also attached muscle sensor to their arms during their “Hope in the Darkness” performance to catch the movement of their muscles. In return, they can manipulate the lights and sounds. As for division of labor, Leader Ohno Satoshi was responsible with the choreography of four songs. In addition, Aiba Masaki also had a surprise birthday celebration, Aiba’s birthday falls on the 24th, “It’s really good to be born on Christmas eve”. Taking advantage of the fanlights, chosen lights turned to green (Aiba’s color) with a message, “Omedatou Masaki”.

Arashi will end this year after celebrating a milestone – their 15th year anniversary which they also celebrated in Hawaii. All in all, Arashi sang 37 songs, mobilizing 845,000 people from 5 venues and 18 performances.

(via Jnewseng, sources Hochi, Oricon, Daily Sports)