Anna Iriyama performs again after May 25th’s handshake event attack

Oricon reports at yesterday’s AKB48 Tokyo Dome live, AKB48 member Anna Iriyama took part in her first live performance in 85 days.

Iriyama was taking a break from her activities since the May 25th Iwate Incident at a handshake event where a man wielding a sharp object attacked several people, leaving her and Rina Kawaei as well as staff and fans injured.

She has since made short appearances since on smaller stages to promote her film, but the still-bandaged Iriyama returned to the stage in front of an audience of 42,000 people today to perform just one song, ‘Arigatou’.

Fans and fellow AKB48 members welcomed her home. Glad to be back, she thank everyone, “Although I’ll be performing only one song today, I’m sooo happy to be standing on the Tokyo Dome stage with everyone.”