Shun Oguri & Takayuki Yamada team up for Fujitsu CM

Popular actors Shun Oguri and Takayuki Yamada have teamed up for a brand new CM! The duo will be starring in a nationwide campaign promoting FUJITSU’s cellphone “arrows Be”, in particular the latest model “F-04K”.

Applicable with the cellphone service provider docomo, the phone is available in three different colors. White, black, and pink.

One of the primary selling points is the phones durability. It claims that the phone has “crack-resistant structure” that successful passed a drop test on concrete from 26 different directions. The phone was dropped from 1.5 m!

The CM portrays Oguri and Yamada as cool police officers. Decked out in a suit and tie, they climb in a chopper on way to a mission. What begins as a tense atmosphere quickly turns into laughs. Check out the CM and making-of below

As a treat for fans footage of the two adlibbing can be seen near the end of the video!

Oguri and Yamada’s CM will begin to air in Japan beginning on December 18th.