Sandaime J Soul Brothers Takanori Iwata turns into a samurai, kindergarten teacher, & more for new CM

Sandaime J Soul Brothers performer Takanori Iwata has been appointed the brand new spokesperson for UHA, a gummy jelly snack.

In the CM Iwata transforms into a bunch of various characters including a samurai, astronaut, kindergarten teacher, and ikemen. The CM shows each different character enjoying the snack, and will begin airing nationwide in Japan on October 20th.

Online individual CMS of each different character will eventually be uploaded onto YouTube, and the official UHA website.

The UHA jelly snack is available for purchase in three different flavors, grape, muscat (green grape), and melon. Check out the CM, and making-of footage below!

Meanwhile, Iwata is currently enjoying the success of his latest film “Perfect World”.