Sakanaction’s “Shin Treasure Island” appears in new Spotify CM

Band Sakanaction is gearing up for the release of their very first best album Sakana Zukan, due out on March 28th, 2018.

One of the promotional tracks from the album, Shin Treasure Island, has been selected to appear in a new Spotify CM. The CM stars rookie actor Hiroya Shimizu and idol Ayaka Miyoshi.

The CM begins in a library where almost all the books are various shades of blue, Shimizu is watching Miyoshi from a distance. Using telekinesis he “summons” a horde of books towards him to create armor, almost making him look like a robot. He gallantly walks towards Miyoshi, where they then cutely exchange smirks.

In celebration of the new CM airing nationwide Spotify has created a playlist with the concept of “Youth’s Library”. It hopes to give listeners a fresh start, when “new life” begins in Spring. The playlist is currently only available in Japan.

Watch the full CM below!