Haruka Ayase promotes new “Flying Honu” ANA plane offering flights from Japan to Hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii is about to become a bit easier thanks to a new plane, “Flying Honu” will be offering travel between Tokyo and Hawaii beginning in 2019. To celebrate the release actress Haruka Ayase has been appointed to promote the project.

The plane will be under the operation of All Nippon Airways (ANA). A cute turtle design was selected, which is reflected in the name of the craft. “Honu” is a Hawaiian term of endearment used towards sea turtles, reflecting the love and respect they have for the animal. There’s folklore that anyone who is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one will be blessed with good fortune.

Three different color designs were made for a plane, inspired by the Hawaiian sky (Sky blue), ocean (turqoise), and sunset (red).

The double decker plane will have a unique “Ana Couchii” seating area, the very first couch seat to be offered on a Japanese airline. This is aimed towards families or people traveling in large groups.

At a press conference for the event Ayase was surprised at how comfortable the couch seating was. Hawaii is a favorite travel destination for the star due to the amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and overall calm atmosphere. Ayase doesn’t have that much personal vacation time due to her busy schedule, so she likes to relax.

The star also commented that she still saves up, and of course uses her “miles” rewards for travel!

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