Gen Hoshino & Riho Yoshioka appear in new Nissin Noodle CM

A new CM starring Gen Hoshino and Riho Yoshioka has been getting a lot of attention both online and on Japan’s television screens.

In the CM Gen is eating one of Nissin’s famous instant noodles, this one in particular comes with a giant piece of tofu. Through the fog of his glasses he noticed someone else in the room with him, a mysterious fox girl played by Riho Yoshioka. Stunned by her appearance, he still continues to eat but it seems like the fox girl and tofu are somehow “synced” together. “The mysterious story of ours begins…” what will happen in the next part?

The CM is being highly praised for it’s cute and unique concept. The 30 second version of the CM, as well as a making-of can be seen below the jump.