Becky stars in Beats by Dr. Dre CM feat. new song by Suiyoubi no Campanella

Talent Becky has been appointed as the new spokeswoman for the headphone brand Beats by Dr. Dre. The CM began airing nationwide in Japan today, and features a brand new song by Suiyoubi no Campanella.

The CM is being used to promote the Beatsx headphones. The wireless headphones were created using Apple’s W1 chip and apparently boasts a “surprisingly long” battery life of 8 hours of continuous play. Furthermore, the headphones allows 2 hours of playback with 5 minutes of charging using their “Fast Fuel” function.

Just like any other standard headphone you’ll be able to use “RemoteTalk” to answer and make calls, along with access Siri.

The headphones retail for 14,800 yen and come in six different colors. Matte Gold, black, gray, matt silver, white, and blue.

In the CM Becky plays the role of a young professional business woman, who is seen enjoying her Beatsx during various activities. Who doesn’t bring their own headphones to the club?! She commented that she loves to spend a lot of time listening to music, and loves how certain memories are tied together with music as well.

She’s currently constantly listening to ONE OK ROCK’s Taking Off, Emi Nakamura’s I, Shiina Ringo’s Seishun no Matataki, and jazz artist Hiromi Uehara’s live collaboration album with Edmar Castaneda.

Watch the full CM below