ANGERME collaborates with Ora2 for new MV “SHAKA SHAKA TO LOVE”

Hello!Project group ANGERME is back with a surprise collaboration! The girls are teaming up with dental brand Ora2! ANGERME hopes make your daily routine a little more exciting and positive with the cute and colorful aura toothbrush line.

Ora2 is known for their bright, and colorful packaging offering multiple products for dental hygiene. These include toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, mouth spray, and travel sets. This is reflected in the colorful collaboration MV for “SHAKA SHAKA TO LOVE“.

Each girl is dressed in a different color as they sing about the joys of using a toothbrush, the “shaka shaka” is meant to replicate the sound of brushing. Check out the full MV below:

In celebration of this the group and Ora2 will be holding a special Twitter campaign where fans can win a set of signed photos from the members, along with the “clear stain” range of toothpastes, and a toothbrush. The campaign will go on from November 28th until December 25th, further details will be revealed on Ora2’s Twitter account.