Chiharu Muto leaves FLOWER and E-Girls

On October 12th, Chiharu Muto left a message to her fans that she would be leaving the groups FLOWER and E-Girls. The letter reads:


“Thank you all so much for kindly supporting FLOWER and E-Girls.

I, Chiharu Muto, have something to announce to all of you.

It has already been 3½ years since I participated in the EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3 ~For Girls~ in 2011. Through that, I have been chasing my dreams with the groups FLOWER and E-Girls and I have gained a lot of valuable experiences. Through them I personally became aware of a lot of different things.

I have also realized some new goals of mine through those experiences. I strongly feel that I can personally grow as a person in a new environment.

Thus, I have chosen to go study abroad and leave my position as a member of E-Girls and FLOWER.

I gave this decision a lot of thought. I also discussed it from the beginning with the members of FLOWER, E-Girls, and our ever supportive staff members. I am so grateful to all of them for understanding my dreams and giving me their full support.

I am also thankful for the fans who have always cheered me on.

I was given the chance over these 3½ years to meet my fellow members, staff, and the fans. That is something I will treasure for my entire life.

After this I will be walking down a different path, but I still have more to do when it comes to my dreams and my life in the music world. I will make good use of the experiences I’ve gained through FLOWER and E-Girls and I will never forget the gratitude I have for you all. I want to head toward my dreams now and do my best to improve. This is my current situation, so I would be happy if you could all watch over me warmly in the future.

I am truly sorry for surprising you all with this sudden announcement.

Thank you all so much for everything up until now.

October 12, 2014

Chiharu Muto”