CHERRSEE release MV for “Piano”

Girl group CHERRSEE has released their latest MV for Piano.

It was selected to be the main promotional track for the girls’ very first mini-album titled Melody.

Melody will be released in the standard two versions, CD only and CD+DVD. Six tracks will be included in total, along with instrumental versions for each song. The DVD version will include the full MV for the promotional songĀ Piano.

Piano is a refreshing pop song with a catchy beat. The girls wear sleek black outfits while performing in a mansion, other scenes include the members wearing cute white and black outfits while dancing in front of a forest area.

Melody will be released nationwide in Japan on May 30th, 2018.


  1. Piano
  2. Mystery
  3. Shiroi shatsu
  4. Cry again
  5. chameleon
  6. Dareka..
  7. Piano (instrumental)
  8. Mystery (instrumental)
  9. Shiroi shatsu (instrumental)
  10. Cry again (instrumental)
  11. chameleon (instrumental)
  12. Dareka.. (instrumental)