Check out the Gamescom trailers for Final Fantasy XV

Noctis and the boys are back!

Last weekend, Square Enix presented some new footage of the highly anticipated 15th installment of their Final Fantasy series at German video game fair "Gamescom".

A cinematic trailer, titled "Dawn", reveals events that happened prior to the game’s main story.

Another video, footage of an encounter with a new type of enemy called "Malboro", shows off the game’s actual in-game graphics as well as a previously undisclosed area of the game’s vast world.

DAWN Trailer

Malboro Trailer


Although the game has been in development for almost ten years, a release date has not yet been announced. A playable demo of "XV" was sold with the PS4 / Xbox One title "Final Fantasy Type-0 HD".

Insiders speculate that there will be more on the game, and hopefully a release date at last, at Tokyo Game Show 2015 next month.

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(via PlayStation Youtube Channel, Constipated Owl)