Check out the digest movie for Wagakki Band’s new album

On September 2, seven-member unit Wagakki Band (traditional Japanese instrument band) is going to release its new album “Yasou Emaki”.

Wagakki Band is known for its unique blend of traditional Japanese music and modern rock. The music video to last year’s “Senbon Zakura” amassed over 24 million views on YouTube.

“Yasou Emaki” will feature a total of 15 tracks, 6 of which have been released as DVD singles or YouTube videos.


  1. ikusa -ikusa-
  2. Hoshizukiyo
  3. Perfect Blue
  4. Tsuioku
  5. hagane -HAGANE-
  6. Fuurin no Utautai
  7. Hanabi
  8. Kyoushuu no Sora
  9. Akatsuki no Ito
  10. Hakuhan
  11. Nadeshiko no Sakura
  12. Hangeki no Ha
  13. Senbon Zakura
  14. Hana Furumai
  15. Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo


This is the band’s first full original album. Its previous release, Vocaloid cover album “VOCALO Zanmai” has sold 50,000 copies, exciting results for a rather new act. Will its original work do even better?

Check out the viral music video and the digest for “Yasou Emaki”:

Zenbon Sakura PV

Album Digest Movie