Check out previews of Eikura Nana’s newest photobook “Four Seasons”

Actress Eikura Nana is set to release her new photobook titled “Four Seasons”, after 3 and a half years, on March 17.

This time, Eikura herself selected the photos and themes used in the book. The photobook consists of four parts: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The pictures for spring is taken by Nakamura Kazutaka, Andy Chao for summer, Tommy for autumn and Shintsubo Kenshu for winter. Released after 3 years, this has become a book that clearly reflects the growth and identity of Eikura.

To celebrate the publication, a handshake meeting will be held in Kinokuniya Shinjuku, Tokyo on March 21. Check out some released shots below.

(via Oricon)