The Recording Industry Association of Japan Releases Its Download & Streaming Certifications for October

This month on the download side, one song from this year was certified Platinum for selling 250,000 downloads: LiSA‘s “Homura.”

On the streaming side, two songs from this year were certified Platinum for reaching 100,000,000 streams: Aimyon‘s “Hadaka no Kokoro” and NiziU‘s “Make you happy.”

Four songs from this year were certified Gold for reaching 50,000,000 streams: Uru‘s “Anata ga Iru Koto de”, Official HIGE DANdism‘s “Parabola” & “Laughter”, and BTS‘ “Dynamite.”

Eight songs from this year were certified Silver for reaching 30,000,000 streams: Official HIGE DANdism’s “HELLO”, King Gnu’s “Chiisana Wakusei”, TWICE‘s “Fanfare”, Macaroni Enpitsu‘s “Koibito Gokko”, Mosawo.‘s “Gyutto.”, YOASOBI‘s “Tabun”, Yonezu Kenshi’s “Uma to Shika” and LiSA’s “Homura.”


Platinum (250,000):

Bakufu Slump – Runner (12/28/05)

LiSA – Homura (10/12/20)

Gold (100,000):

Eito – Kousui (4/21/19)

Ota Hiromi – Momen no Handkerchief (4/26/17)

TUBE – 10nen Saki no Love Story (4/30/08)

DREAMS COME TRUE – Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki! (2/6/13)

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