AKB48 sells over 1 million copies in one day again with “Jabaja”

Idol group AKB48 is still going just as strong as ever. Their latest, and first single of 2018 Jabaja has once again sold over 1 million copies in just one day.

AKB48 has regularly continued to sell over 1 million copies in a day for most of the decade now. Their very first single to achieve this feat was Flying Get, released in August 2012. Ever since the release of their 43rd single Kimi wa Melody, all of AKB48’s singles have sold over 1 million in one day. The one exception being their 47th single Shoot Sign, which missed the 1 day million mark by only 60k. 

These high sales only continue the dominance AKB48 has on sales compared to other artists. Back in December 2015 they already became the highest selling singles act in Japanese history, and last year in August they surpassed Ayumi Hamasaki to become the best selling Japanese female artist of all time.

Jabaja is a funky track, with a clear influence from the early 90s Japanese R&B scene. This single marks the very first time that member Nana Okada was center, watch the full MV here.

Rounding out the chart is Kenshi Yoenzu coming in at #2, who impressively sold over 83k copies of his single Lemon. Perfume came in at #3 with their latest release Mugenmirai, selling 29k copies.