Say hi to COLORFUUUL, Japan’s first all foreign male idol group

Japan’s very first all foreign male idol group is here, COLORFUUUL hopes to bring their own unique twist to the Tokyo music scene.

In the groups infancy and audition stages, they were previously known as Guyjin48. Anyone who was an international student in Japan was eligible to join, but broader applications were later accepted. The aim is to celebrate Japan’s language and culture while showcasing diversity.

Six members in total have been recruited, with each one hailing from a different country. The members nationalities consist of Canada, China, England, South Korea, Philippines, and The United States.

Have our prayers finally been answered, is the second coming of the Cruel Angels here?!

Their very first release, a mini album titled LET’S BE COLORFUUUL is expected to be released shortly both digitally and psychically. 3 songs have been recorded for the release, and the production was handled by SOUL’D OUT’s Shinnosuke.

Riley (United States)

  • Activity in Japan: College student
  • Special Skill: Singing, whistling, Osaka-ben
  • Hobby: Running, Karaoke
  • Favorite musical genre: Morning Musume! (That’s not a genre but oh well!)
  • Reason for coming to Japan: I was interested in Japanese music and culture since I was child, so I came to study and experience Japan first hand!
  • Comment: Through dance and song I hope to bring smiles to people around Japan!

Ou (China)

  • Activity in Japan: Art student
  • Special Skill: Graphic Design, Hip-Hop
  • Hobby: Illustration, Karaoke
  • Favorite musical genre: Pop
  • Reason for coming to Japan: I have always been very interested in Japanese music and aesthetics so after I graduated from my University in China I immediately came to Japan!
  • Comment: My Japanese is still at a very beginner level but I hope to quickly progress as a member of COLORFUUUL!

Jon (Canada)

  • Activity in Japan: Stuntman
  • Special Skill: Parkour, Breakdance
  • Hobby: Gymnastics, Video Games
  • Favorite musical genre: Rock
  • Reason for coming to Japan: I love Japanese culture, and originally came here to become an action actor.
  • Comment: Even though I’m a stuntman and actor in the Japanese entertainment industry, my Japanese is still pretty bad. Please help!

Jay (South Korea)

  • Activity in Japan: Band man
  • Special Skill: Playing guitar, Writing music
  • Hobby: Anime, Rock Festivals, Video games
  • Favorite musical genre: Rock, Metal
  • Reason for coming to Japan: When I was growing up I was interested in Japanese animation, movies, and music so I naturally became interested in Japanese culture and moved to Japan!
  • Comment: As a member of COLORFUUUL I am looking forward to the chance to meet new people and exchange culture!

Carl (Philippines) 

  • Activity in Japan: Japanese language student
  • Special Skill: Stage Performance, Pastries 
  • Hobby: Swimming in the ocean, Archery
  • Favorite musical genre: I like everything!
  • Reason for coming to Japan: I am always willing to take a chance and try new things! That’s why I decided Japan as my second home.
  • Comment: I think COLORFUUUL will be a great opportunity to showcase our hidden talents and make a positive impact on people’s lives. 

Sam (England)

  • Activity in Japan: Fashion Designer
  • Special Skill: Designing, Cooking
  • Hobby: Traveling, Studying Japanese
  • Favorite musical genre: Classical, J-Pop, Electronic
  • Reason for coming to Japan: Early on I was always surrounded by Japanese anime, movies, music and video games so I always knew that I wanted to live here one day.
  • Comment: I hope we can bring a strong message of diversity to Japan, just like London where I used to live!