Celebrities react to SMAP disbandment

Since the disbandment of SMAP was made official on 14th August, many celebrities and actors who worked with the 5 before has shared their words of support and concern in the media or through social accounts. Let’s have a quick look at their reactions.



TOKIO member Taichi Kokubun: “I feel a loss and I’m shocked. I still can’t fully believe they will really disband. I still believe something will happen to prevent this. SMAP debuted in the shadow of amazing HIKARU Genji. It was right after their debut, that real song shows came to an end and they were surely struggling how to attract the audience. They started doing variety, comedy skits and that became the amazing “colour” that SMAP has. Thanks to them, it is possible for me to do newscasting. I would like to thank them and be their support”.  [1]

Fellow TOKIO-ite Tatsuya Yamaguchi commented on SMAP’s situation while being in Rio as an Olympic newscaster for NTVs “ZIP!”: “First news I heard upon arrival to Rio was “SMAP has disbanded”. I was shocked both by the fact itself and that such news spread as far as Rio. Honestly, there was a part of me thinking ‘what a waste’… (…) All groups need to deal with the thought of possible disbandment. You always need to move on focused on how to keep together as a group, how to make your fans happy. Some people can talk this through, some cannot, some need to say everything out and some prefer to keep silent. To be honest, the subject of TOKIO’s disbandment came up many time. There were times we talked this through and times we left it unspoken for the time being. You cannot judge if it is for good or bad (that SMAP will disband). I will support all members in their careers.”  [1]

Actor Toma Ikuta couldn’t hide his sadness during a press conference for his new stage play “Vamp Bamboo Burn”. When asked about the news, he told the press: “It’s true I am their kouhai, but above that I am SMAP fan. I feel sorry and sad. I feel that time fell still after the press release, I spend my days and free moments thinking about SMAP.” Busy with his promotional activities, Ikuta didn’t have a chance to talk to any of the members privately recently. “I know only the news that were shared with the public”. [1]

Yuuichi Nakamaru (KAT-TUN) commented that it is important to filter loads of press speculations and the facts. Still the announcement came as a shock. “I am quite sure that the members talked this through a lot before the decision. It’s hard to accept, but I wish them all the best in the solo pursuits.” Nakamaru was also relived his older colleagues will stay in their agency and still form one “community”. [1, 2]

NEWS member Keiichiro Koyama compared the situation to his own group: “Of course you cannot compare the scale, but NEWS also had hard times with members leaving, a time when we couldn’t continue our activities the way we would like to. I quite understand how hard it is to continue being a group in such moments. (…) Nothing will change the fact that all 5 are my senpai and role models; dream to aim for.” [1]



Keiko Toda who worked with all members on the set of “Furuhata Ninzaburou x SMAP” Special and portrayed the group’s manager, wrote on her blog: “I have so many thoughts and emotions about SMAP. I cannot find right words. But nothing will change the fact that I’m a SMAP fan. My favourite song is “Yozora no Mukou”. I would love to listen to it during their concert…” [1]

Kabuki actor Ainosuke Kataoka updated his blog soon after his appearance on the Bistro corner of “SMAPxSMAP”: “Whenever I see the news of the disbandment, I am at loss with words. Thank you for having me as a guest on SMAP show. I will keep on supporting you.”  [1]

Actress Miki Maya, who works on a NTV morning news show together with TOKIO’s Kokubun, recalls his words: “Taichi-san said to me that members of a group are not family and not friends. This is a completely different type of engagement. With time passing, the members become adults, discover their own societies and keeping together as a group is a difficult, but amazing task.” She also commented on the apologies from the members broadcasted on SMAPxSMAP. “They spoke only with their fans in their mind, putting their own feelings back. They handled it the SMAP way. There are many distressed fans for sure, but SMAP proved to be top of the tops. With their disbandment a social phenomenon, they prove they are on a different level from the rest.  [1]

Ebizo Ichikawa, Kabuki actor who co-starred with Takuya Kimura’s drama “Mr. Brain” updated his blog several times. First, on the 14th at 4 am, he wrote: “What? SMAP disbanding? Am I still dreaming?” then again an hour later: “And it looks like it’s true”.  [1]



Hikari Ota, TV personality and one half of the comedy duo Bakusho Mondai: “They were always on very good terms, that’s why the problems with understanding within the group must have been pretty difficult and to hard to solve (within limited time). There will be a lot of speculations about it, but all the members are delicate and I’m sure they will be quite damaged by that. They are all dudes in their 40ties, but they still have childlike spirit, that’s why I’m worried.” The comedian voiced his worry in an unusual mature tone. [1]

Celebrity impersonator and make-up artist Zawachin posted a long and tearful entry on her blog entitled “Sad”. She calls SMAP “a special existence for Zawachin”. “I was invited to SMAPxSMAP were I did monomane make-up of all members. They let me do their make-up and shuffle the members too. On Bistro SMAP I took my mask of publicly for the first time. (…) It is because of SMAP that I am here today. I have nothing than respect. Thank you very, very, very much. SMAP will be in me forever.” [1]

Yukina Kinoshita posted excerpts of SMAP songs on her Instagram account and commented how sad she is that “something” that was always with her since childhood is ending. She also mentioned how she was collaborating with SMAP on Pussuma, Iitomo and visited Bistro twice. “I’m going to tell about this proudly to my kids. Need to accept the truth now.” [1]

Have your fave expressed their feelings on SMAP’s disbandment, ARAMA? If so, share with us in the comments!

EDIT: Thanks to Facebook follower Chel for pointing out that ZIP! is actually a NTV production – corrected now. :)