Brush them fringes down, TOWA TEI’s going EMO

Legendary DJ and producer TOWA TEI is set to return with a new LP in March this year. Hot off the heels of his tour with mega-group METAFIVE, the new album is entitled “EMO” and is the followup to his last solo album “CUTE“. As usual, TOWA TEI has gathered up some neat guests, this time including UA, Ano (You’ll Melt More), METAFIVE, Inara George, Hiroshi Takano, artist Tomoo Gokita¬†(who did the artwork for the cover) and Atom tm. See the tracklist and album cover below:

Album Cover:


01. Exformation
02. Brand Nu Emo
03. GBI
04. Sugar
05. Xylocopa
06. TG
07. YOLO
08. REM
09. Continua

EMO is out on May 22 from Machbeat. Take it down to your local Hot Topic.