BENI Announces Marriage, Pregnancy, and Start of International Activities

After releasing her 15th anniversary EP “Y/our Story” last week, BENI has more news to announce, on both the personal and professional fronts!

Starting with the personal, BENI has revealed that she is married and expecting her first child! She has married a non-celebrity man and is expected to give birth next year.

On the professional front, BENI also announced that she is taking her career in a more international direction. On September 30, she will release an English-language EP, “MADE IN LOVE.” This release will be under her real name, Beni Daniels. BENI has been producing music in her native English for the past several years and is ready to release now, given that she has reached a turning point in her life due to her marriage and pregnancy.

Ahead of the release of “MADE OF LOVE”, BENI will release the title track on September 22. The song features the heartbeat of her unborn child. That same day, she’ll also release her cover of Janet Jackson‘s 1993 hit “That’s The Way Love Goes.” On September 28, she’ll release another song from “MADE IN LOVE”, “IU”, a collaboration with Devin Morrison.

Check out more information on Beni Daniels’ debut below!

Beni Daniels「MADE IN LOVE」ジャケット
  1. New Language feat. Maika Loubté
  2. Made In Love
  3. Do It
  4. Unison
  5. UI feat. Devin Morrison
  6. Rm 302
  7. your love + my love
  8. That’s The Way Love Goes