BENI Works with Kawatani Enon on New EP “Y/our Song”

BENI is currently celebrating her 15th anniversary! She kicked off this celebration earlier this year by release releasing two digitial singles, “Yumeiro Biyori” and “HAPPY.” These two songs will be included on her new EP, “Y/our Song”, out September 16.

“Y/our Song” sees BENI collaborating with SUNNY BOY and Kawatani Enon. Enon was, in fact, BENI’s first choice to work on this release. Upon first hearing the demo of his song for her, “Dakedo Hanate”, she described it as “fashionable chaos.”

This phrase extends to the song’s recently released music video. In it, BENI plays dress up, but is still her true self in the end. Check out below!

BENI「Y/our Song」ジャケット


  1. だけど放て (Dakedo Hanate)
  2. Missing Piece
  3. Don’t You Stop
  4. Beautiful
  5. L.I.F.E. -Love Is Forever Evolving-
  6. 夢色日和 (Yumeiro Biyori)
  7. HAPPY

・だけど放て (Dakedo Hanate) (Music Video)
・Arigato (Music Video)
・BENI Live Tour 2019 -唄道- (BENI Live Tour 2019 -Utadou-) (Behind the Scenes)