April Fools’ Day: Becky and Kawatani Enon Have Secret Shotgun Marriage in Las Vegas

The affair between Becky and Kawatani Enon was the first big scandal of the year. Now that it has cooled down, the couple has just taken their relationship to a whole new level. After almost six months of romance, 2016’s most controversial couple have been spotted in a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, where they were supposedly married. Hours after Enon’s second secret wedding, a new LINE conversation, which seems to have taken place days before the wedding, has leaked. The chat points out Becky is currently 5 months pregnant, which probably led to this shotgun marriage.

Enon: “I’m coming”
Becky: “We are waiting for you”
Becky: “Let’s make this memorable!”
Enon: “Yeah!”
Enon: “We haven’t talked yet about our first true family vacation”
Becky: “I just wanna relax and make sure the present is OK. It will be ready in just four months”
Enon: “Alright! We can visit my parents in Nagasaki again”


We will have more details on this wedding as they come in!