BABYMETAL to Provide Theme Song for Cartoon Network’s “Unikitty!”

Cartoon Network’s upcoming series “Unikitty!“, an animated series from Warner Bros. Animation, screened its pilot at San Diego Comic-Con when it was revealed metal-idol band BABYMETAL would be performing the theme song.

A character from the 2014 box-office hit “The Lego Movie“, Unikitty will star in the cartoon that will follow her and her friends “into a world full of adventure, excitement and dance parties.”

Vice President of Design at Lego Company Matthew Ashton, showrunner Ed Skudder and writer Aaron Waltke confirmed the trio’s involvement with the show on Twitter.

A release date for the series has not yet been announced.

Additionally, last September it was revealed BABYMETAL would star in an animation of their own from Warner Bros. Animation, though there haven’t been any recent developments.