Ayumi Hamasaki to Release 「A exercise」 Exercise DVD

Chanteuse and businesswoman Ayumi Hamasaki is set to foray into the at-home exercise market with the release of her DVD 「A exercise」. This 3-volume program utilizes the live performances of Ayumi Hamasaki and straightforward guidance of dancers to get fit.

Ahead of it’s general release, mu-mo.net is offering an exclusive pre-sale of the Complete DVD box set and a limited edition face towel which is incorporated in some of the dances. This unique experience available July 12th is priced at the reasonable 9720 yen ($95 USD).

Each volume is named after songs from when her career was at its peak. The first volume 「Trauma」 conditions the finer muscles through a series of sharp dance moves. The second volume 「Boys & Girls」 uses continuous movement and rhythm to burn fat. The third volume 「evolution」 showcases a program to achieve the toned body of a dancer. Used all together, one can achieve a body as fit as a prolific songstress.

This is the not the first time Ayu has selflessly expanded her brand in creative ways to better her fans. In 2002 she released the program A-TYPE, a touch type teaching software in which users had to type in lyrics to her songs at rapid succession.