Ayumi Hamasaki “graduates” from Twitter

After Ayumi Hamasaki uploaded a picture that led to divorce rumors on the 22, fans of the singer noticed that all of her Tweets have been deleted.

One short Tweet left by her staff informs, “This account is being managed by Ayumi Hamasaki’s staff and is making a fresh start as a source for the lastest information. Please support us from now on, too ^^. Ayu herself may also tweet once in a while…♪”

Hamasaki’s fans reacted to this in shock,

“Eh? Why all of a sudden?”

“Isn’t the way they handled this awful? I don’t mind this becoming an official account but why go as far as delete all her Tweets and exchange with her fans? I want to be notified before data gets wiped…”

“This is terrible! Why did they have to delete the precious things we had up until now?”

“Why is the icon a screenshot of ‘kanariya’ PV? I really want to know (LOL)”

“Did her staff decide this? I want Ayu to tweet, not her staff lol”

“We get enough staff info from her fanclub newsletter…”

Is Hamasaki fed up with how the media reacted to her Tweets? Or has this been decided for her? Tell us your opinion in the comments!