Ayame Gouriki to release self-titled album in April

Having released 3 singles over the past 2 years, actress and Seventeen magazine model Ayame Gouriki has finally revealed her plans release her first full length album.

Available in three versions, it will include 11 tracks including her previously released song series of “Daiji na hito“, “Tomodachi yori Daiji na Hito“, “Kuyashii kedo Daiji na Hito”, and “Waga Mama wa Daiji na Hito“.

Explaining the reasoning for her album title, she has dissected the Kanji to create a message that represents her debut. “Aya” uses the same kanji as “saturation” wishing her music and life to be colorful every day, “Me” means “bud” and represents her budding career”, “Gou” is like the English “GO” and “Riki” uses the same kanji as “power”.

Additionally, Gouriki commented that for the first time she has contributed lyrics to the songs.

Ayame Gouriki’s eponymous album will be released on April 8.

(via Natalie)