Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya goes on a date with Ayako Ito, fans not happy

Tabloid reporters recently caught Arashi member Kazunari Ninomiya out on a “drive date” with announcer Ayako Ito, and this isn’t sitting well with some fans of the Johnny’s superstar.

At around 9:00PM Ninomiya was spotted in Haneda Airport, dressed very casual he was seen wearing a black cap and gray hoodie. Has he made it through the lobby he quickly rushed to an adjacent parking lot with two bottles of tea in hand.

Right when Ninomiya stepped into the back seat of the car, the driver quickly hit the accelerator and attempted to drive off,  but Ninomiya apparently didn’t even close the door properly yet. When the driver looked back to make sure everything was okay and the door was closed they sped off. Ayako Ito was behind the wheel.

At around 11:00 PM the car was spotted at the high-arise apartment where Ninomiya lives, presumably dropping him off.

News of this had certain fans of Ninomiya in a fury, they weren’t upset that he was allegedly dating, they were more upset that it was with Ito herself. Back in 2016 there was rumors that the two were an item, but no photographic evidence exited. There really wasn’t even concrete stories of the two being spotted together in public.

Their first encounter was said to be in 2012, during a segment of news every the NTV news program where Ito is an announcer on. Later in 2014 she appeared as a guest on the variety show VS. Arashi, and by then they had already “exchanged information”.

Despite there not being any evidence when first reported in 2016, fans still went on a rampage and scoured her social media finding “clues” of them dating which angered them even more. Some of them are quite bizarre, such as these two photos.

 Yellow is Ninomiya’s official member color, so by Ito posting these pictures some fans thought she was “taunting” them by simply wearing yellow and posting a photo of flowers.

Right above the books you can see the bottom of Arashi’s single GUTS, in the second photo she took a selfie in front of an Arashi poster. That is apparently NOT okay.

When Arashi performed in Hawaii back in 2014, she just so happened to be there also. Her blog has since been deleted, which made fans even more suspicious and angry.

Some of the remarks include: “Ninomiya, why are you still associating with her?“, “You can marry, but not Ayako Ito, stop it“, “This will fail and go to hell“. Those were just the tip of the iceberg.

With rumors now spreading that the two could possibly be engaged soon, it seems that they will continue to keep an extremely low profile to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

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