ARAMA! JAPAN interviews Haru Nemuri

Please introduce yourself to the ARAMA! JAPAN readers!:

Haru Nemuri: Hello everyone who’s reading this. This is Haru Nemuri, a singing lethal weapon. I write songs and do a poetry rap to express myself.

Since Anthony Fantano (Needledrop) did a review on your album ‘Haru to Shura’, your international attention has grown dramatically, how does that feel and do you plan on pushing your music further internationally?:

Haru Nemuri: I’m so glad that most of my songs are written in Japanese which is so hard to understand, but so many foreign people accepted and reacted to my music. Now I am willing to play abroad as much as I can, looking for any opportunity to play overseas.

Is there a country (or countries) you would like to visit and perform in the most?:

Haru Nemuri: I would love to go and play in the U.S., because both my music and videos are “checked” the most from the U.S. listeners.

What are your main motivations and inspirations in life? How do they affect your work?:

Haru Nemuri: My main motivation for my work is anger. Human beings should be treated like human beings, but so many human beings are suffering and treated like shit by other human. Everyday I’m disappointed by the sadness against humans, I almost gave up on being a human being myself.

I think I am tough enough to handle the emotions and tragedy of all human beings, and keep myself from the sadness with my songs. Not only does it give me a reason to fight, but anger gives me a good opportunity to update my values/thoughts by my angry feelings. Sometimes I’m even angry because I hate myself as a human being. All those feelings and emotions of anger is in my works the most.


Who in the current Japanese music scene do you listen to personally? Is there anyone you would really like to work with?:

Haru Nemuri: I listen to these artists often:

-regal lily


-Mowmow Lulu Gyaban

-Mariko Goto


-Shinsei Kamattechan

-Oomori Seiko


-Kaneko Ayano

I would like to work with: All of the above.

Can you talk us through the writing process of your songs? How do you write your lyrics?:

Haru Nemuri: Usually I write a main rhythm track or basic codes of the main chorus first, then I put in all the other parts, like riffs, breaks, and so on.

What has been your most exciting live experience so far?:

Haru Nemuri: ROCK IN JAPAN 2017 as a finalist of a new comer artist audition. Spring Scream 2018 in Taiwan as my first live performance overseas

Do you have a ritual that you do before performing live?:

Haru Nemuri: I do radio calisthenics backstage.

How did you get your start in music? Have people been supportive of your choice? :

Haru Nemuri: I started writing songs with a friend of mine without any plans when I was in high school. I think it was fun because our music skills started to get better and better, if you keep practicing.

We did that band for about 5 years but nothing special happened with it so we broke up, but it was still good experience for me. My family is not interested in music at all, although with some bumps and detours, now they start to listen to my music and attend my shows occasionally…

Who were your main musical influences growing up?:

Haru Nemuri: Masahiko Shimura (original vocalist/guitarist of Fujifabric)

You have worked with Mariko Goto, how was that experience? Do you plan to work together again in the future?:

Haru Nemuri: When I met her, I was so nervous because I’ve listened to her music so much. As we began working together, I guess we got along pretty well, and I am so happy about it. It’s also a great experience, lots of things to learn for me. I would love to work together with her in future!

What has been your favorite album of 2018? Why?:

Haru Nemuri:

Kaneko Ayano – Syukusai

I love this album because her songs are so great. Her voice, lyrics, and melodies are composed and recorded in a very careful manner throughout the album.

Shinsei Kamattechan – Tsundere

I got so emotional while listening their music, because they were with me through my adolescent period, so I want to thank them for continuing to write good music for over 10 years to this date.

Odotte Bakarino Kuni – Kimino Tameni Ikiteikune

I get nervous and excited at the same time. This album is packed with all kindness and all sadness you could get.

Kanye West – ye

Although I disagree with most of his thoughts and philosophies…I just got surprised by his new album.

Young Fathers – Cocoa Sugar

Their music is an ideal fusion of catchiness and cutting-edge elements. I really love their music as a pop song.

Florence + The Machine – High as Hope

Love their holy atmospheric music, and vocals.

Any advice for an artist trying to find their footing in the music industry?:

Haru Nemuri: You know what? I want to know about it too! As far as I know, you should be confident in yourself. Your talent, inspiration, and ability to write good music is the most basic foundation and they will never betray you, compared to people and money and all other things that might betray you.

You should also think well what you can do and how high you want to reach in music industry.

A message for ARAMA! readers and your international fans:

Haru Nemuri: Thank you for showing an interest in me and my music. If you think you need my music, it is the most grateful honor for me!

Your soul should be clean and shine through your life, and I think music must stand by your side to keep your soul and life shining. That’s what I’m trying to do; keep creating my music to make our life bright and beautiful.

After completing a successful Asian tour, Haru is now headed to Europe! Kicking off on May 29th in Germany, it will conclude on June 15th in the UK. Check out the dates below!

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