Alice & Suzu Hirose’s brother involved in drunk driving arrest, apologize on his behalf

The elder brother of actresses Alice and Suzu Hirose have both made public apologies in response to his arrest involving drinking and driving.

In the early morning of January 15th their brother Kouya Oishi was using his mobile phone while driving and crashed into another car, the accident happened at 3:20 AM. The police suspected that Oishi had been drinking, and a breathalyzer test was done. Oishi was well above the legal limit and was then apprehended by police.

The victim that Oishi crashed into is a 44 year old man. On top of the drinking and driving Oishi is also being investigated for causing injury to the man who may have received some slight injuries to his neck. Luckily both men left the scene with no major or life threatening injuries.

Both sisters took to twitter to issue an apology on his behalf. Alice, who is currently starring in the NHK morning drama Warotenka, apologized for the concern and inconvenience his accident caused. She pledged to continue working hard on her various activities. Suzu made a similar statement, she is currently starring in the NTV drama series Anone. 

Meanwhile, Oishi also has a statement regarding his arrest but it was quite different from his younger sisters. Despite already being caught over the limit, he allegedly tried to deny the charges. When being questioned by the police Oishi apparently revealed that he thought enough time had passed since he stopped drinking, so it was okay for him to drive again.

(via doramaworld & nikkansports)