AKKO GORILLA unleashes new music video filmed in Africa, EP details.

Gorilla themed rapper Akko Gorilla has been quite busy recently. Not only has she got a new EP due out on November 30, but has also been on a trip to Africa to film its leading single’s music video “Back to the Jungle” (also the title of the EP). The delightful Shingo Ota directed clip shows her having a pretty wild time; mingling with the locals and of course- hanging out with some Gorillas. The video is produced by lute. Watch the clip below, and also read further for more info on the EP, including its wildly trashy but endearing cover!

Back to the Jungle” is released via 2.5D Productions and is going to be available both digitally and physically. It is the followup to AKKO GORILLA’S debut mini album “TOKYO BANANA“.

Album cover:


1. Back to the Jungle
2. Shin Gorilla
3. Isho
4. Donkey Kong

Looks like we’re set for another great (albeit slightly weird) release from Akko Gorilla! Keep it on your radar if you’re into this kinda thing!




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