Akiko Yano to Cover YUKI, Fujifabric, and More on New Album

On November 29, Akiko Yano will release her new album, “Soft Landing.” It is the latest in her series of piano-centric albums. The album is a mix of covers and original material, including the title track, which served as the theme song for the NHK drama “Blanket Cats.” In terms of covers, Akiko will cover the likes of YUKI, Fujifabric, and Burt Bacharach.

“Soft Landing” will be released in a limited edition and a regular edition. The limited edition’s DVD is split into three parts. The first part oversees the album’s making, while the second part includes performance footage from the 90s to today, some of which has never been released before. The third part contains music videos. The limited edition also includes a 76-page booklet which contains interviews with Akiko and the musicians who helped make the new album.

Check out more information on “Soft Landing”, including the album’s trailer, below!

矢野顕子「Soft Landing」ジャケット

1. Bye Bye (Fujifabric cover)
2. 野球が好きだ (Yakyu ga Suki da)
3. Full Moon Tomorrow
4. 汽車に乗って (YUKI cover)
5. 引っ越し (Hikkoshi)
6. かくれんぼの村 (Kakurenbo no Mura) (Kishida Kyoko cover)
7. OVER (O.P.KING cover)
8. Drivin’, Cryin’, Missin’(K.T. Oslin cover)
9. Soft Landing
10. Wives and Lovers (Burt Bacharach cover)
11. 六本木で会いましょう (Roppongi de Ai Masho)
12. 夕焼けのなかに (Yuyake no Naka ni)

Limited Edition DVD (Soft landings onto the past and present)
1. the Making of Soft Landing

2. Piano Solo Live Rarities
• 1. おてちょ。 (Drop me a Line) -1991/09/18 六本木 PIT INN-  (Otecho. (Drop me a Line) -1991/09/18 Roppongi PIT INN-)
• 2. 湖のふもとでねこと暮らしている -1991/09/19 六本木 PIT INN- (Mizuumi no Fumoto de Neko to Kurashite Iru  -1991/09/19 Roppongi PIT INN-)
• 3. なし -1998/06/08 沖縄 コンサートギャラリーしろま- (Nashi -1998/06/08 Okinawa Concert Gallery Shiroma-)
• 4. GO GIRL -2000/05/27 New York Joe’s PUB-
• 5. へびの泣く夜 -2012/12/19 神奈川 鎌倉芸術館- (Hebi no Naku Yoru -2012/12/19 Kanagawa Kamakura Geijutsu Kan-)
• 6. きよしちゃん -2015/05/02 渋谷区文化総合センター 大和田さくらホール- (Kiyoshi-chan -2015/05/02 Shibuya Bunka Sogo Center Owada Sakura Hall-)

3. Soft Landing Music Videos
・Soft Landing MUSIC VIDEO
・Soft Landing MUSIC VIDEO (ドコノコ Ver.1) (Soft Landing MUSIC VIDEO (Dokonoko Ver.1))
・Soft Landing MUSIC VIDEO (ドコノコ Ver.2) (Soft Landing MUSIC VIDEO (Dokonoko Ver.2))
・Soft Landing MUSIC VIDEO (ドコノコ Ver.3) (Soft Landing MUSIC VIDEO (Dokonoko Ver.3))





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