Akemi Darenogare Speaks Out About Japanese Men: “They Look Like Women”

On the January 13th episode of the variety program “Odoru! Sanma Goten!!’ Akemi Darenogare expressed her dissatisfaction with Japanese men.


On the “Put it Together Japanese Men!  International Beauties Scolding SP,” the participants were divided into “International Beauties” and “Japanese Men,” and they had a vigorous discussion. When the theme of the discussion became “Times When you Think Japanese Men are Lacking Something,” Darenogare expressed her dissatisfaction saying “Don’t Japanese men have pretty small bodies?”

In addition, Darenogare said “They say that ‘Skinny jeans or suitable clothing is fine’ and without any training, they stay thin,” and “They look like women,” blaming Japanese men who don’t train their bodies. The host Sanma Akashiya argued “Isn’t it because our bone structure and skeletal frame is different?!”  to which Darenogare said “If you drink protein, you will definitely become macho.”

After this, Angelica Michibata stated “When they do a little working out they say “Yesterday, I worked out a little!” and such…It’s because people over seas have a regular lifestyle of working out,” she said, pointing out the different fitness lifestyles of Japanese people and people overseas.