AKB48’s Team Surprise song-making project with LINE

Oricon Style reports that unit of Popular Idol group AKB48 Team Surprise has started up the ‘AKB48 Kyoku Zukuri Project‘ (‘AKB48 song making project’).

Ranging from melody, content, dance, costume, and jacket photo selection, the winner of each phase of polling is selected by fan vote. This whole process for the creation of their new songs will take place entirely on the Team Surprise official site.

Starting on the 23rd, the first phase involves fans picking a favorite melody out of a total of 8 options. Participation is through AKB48’s official LINE account (LINE ID: @ akb48). For clarification, all songs will be released and fans are just decide the order they are released.

Which is your favorite demo melody?

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!