AKB48 release “NO WAY MAN” MV, last center a-side for Sakura Miyawaki

Girl group AKB48 has released their MV for their latest single “NO WAY MAN“.

This is the 54th single from the group overall, and while new single releases should be happy for fans this release is causing some to be quite somber. Popular member Sakura Miyawaki is center for this release, and it will be the last for a very long time.

Once promotions for “NO WAY MAN” conclude Miyawaki will be heading to South Korea to participate in the group IZONE full-time. Miyawaki is expected to return to 48 after 2.5 years. Hitomi Honda and Nako Yabuki will also be joining Miyawaki in IZONE.

In the MV the girls wear grey and red outfits that resemble a fire, throughout the video they perform an intense formation dance routine. Check it out below

“NO WAY MAN” will be released in Japan nationwide on November 28th.