AKB48 alumni Mariya Nagao plays a former AV actress in a crime thriller drama

A TV drama featuring a former adult video actress, played by a former 48G idol? No wonder the Yahoo headline is screaming about “Mariya Nagao’s bold bed scene!”. And that’s really the hype in a nutshell: the digest trailer for the first episode of ‘Funouhan’ (lit. “Imbossibility Defense”) shows briefly Nagao’s character being busy in the bedroom. In reality, the actual plot and story behind the new crime TV series are more interesting than one could guess just by judging from Yahoo Japan’s clickbaiting.

The 4-episode ‘Funouhan’ is based on the on-going manga of the same name, and its purpose is to promote a ‘Funouhan’ live-action movie hitting theaters in February, 2018. ‘Funouhan’ the movie is about a contract killer Tadashi Usobuki (played by Tori Matsuzaka), who uses supernatural methods that make catching him impossible – such as curses. A sharp-tongued detective named Tomoko Tada (Erika Sawajiri) is after him.

The tie-in drama tells stories about Usobuki’s victims and clients. The drama’s supporting cast includes Nagao, Yuta Hiraoka and Masaru Nagai. Especially Hiraoka gets a meaty chance to showcase his talent at playing creepsters: his character is a teacher preying on teenage girls online. The stars of the film will also appear in the drama.

In the first episode a former AV actress and current office lady Natsumi tries to hide her past while living her dream life with her ideal fiancĂ©. However, the fiancĂ© has a less-than-ideal friend, who has learnt Natsumi’s secret. So, he has to go.

‘Funouhan’ airs on dTV starting on December 22.

Watch the digest trailer for the first episode below and let us know if this will be included in your holidays viewing list!

(Via Yahoo!Japan)