Ai Kago to appear at a Hello!Project event for the first time in 12 years

After an extremely long hiatus 4th generation Morning Musume member Ai Kago will finally be appearing at a Hello!Project event!

For Hello!Projects set of upcoming summer concerts a plethora of OG members will be appearing as special guests. What shocked fans was seeing Ai Kago’s name listed for two concert dates! This is the first time Kago will appear publicly at a H!P event since early 2006.

All of the activities of Kago and her group W were put on hold in February 2006 due to her smoking underage. The group was planning to release a single called “Dou ni mo Tomaranai” along with a third studio album titled “W3: Faithful”.

In March 2007 she was fired by soliciting with a older man and W was finished for good. Since leaving H!P Kago’s life has been very turbulent. Erratic behavior, divorces, domestic abuse, and suicide attempts were some of the major headlines that followed her career.

Despite the negative press, Nozomi TsujiĀ was never afraid to speak up for her friend defending her whenever possible. Back in 2014 she even celebrated her birthday with Kago, sharing pictures despite Kago still being estranged from H!P/Up-front.

The past few years Kago has seemed to get her life back on the right track.

Unfortunately, Kago will not be appearing with Tsuji. On August 25th she will be appearing with Airi Suzuki during the day, and then with Kanon Fukuda during the night. The following day she will be appearing with Hitomi Yoshizawa and Yasuda Kei.

Another surprising return at the set of summer concerts is 2nd generation Morning Musume member Sayaka Ichii.

Once Tsuji returns from maternity leave will we finally get that W reunion?