6th Season of Ryoko Yonekura’s “Doctor-X” starts off to huge ratings

She’s still got it, actress Ryoko Yonekura has been playing the role of Doctor Michiko Daimon for almost a decade now, and fans can’t get enough of it. The 6th season of Doctor-X recently began airing on TV Asahi, and the first episode received very impressive ratings.

Finishing with a very impressive 20.3% rating, throughout the entire episode it was able to keep an average above that coveted 20% mark. This great start gives Doctor-X the potential to be the most successful drama series of the year.

Ratings for the episode peaked at a massive 25.3% when Michiko was performing a dramatic surgery scene.

In the 6th season of the show Totei University Hospital has built a huge deficit. One of the primary investors Nicholas Tange attempts to turn things around by implementing a complete restructure, and introduce various cost cutting techniques. Nicholas requests that Michiko returns to the hospital to work again as part of the restructure process.

Supporting cast include Yusuke Santamaria, Yuki Uchida, and Shinki Takeda.

The first season of Doctor-X made it’s debut on October, 2012 and received an average rating of 19.1%.

(via chunichi)