2016 “24-Hour Television” Program Ratings and Highlights

24-Hour Television, NTV’s yearly charity show and one of the major broadcasting events of the year, successfully ended last night. This time, NEWS served as the main personality, joined by actress Haru. It was also the first time for this program to be held at the famous Nippon Budoukan.

The ratings are in for the August 27- 28 run of “24 Hour TV~39~Love Saves the Earth~”.

You can watch parts of the 24-HOUR TV below. (watch before links are gone)

The show recorded an average audience rating of 15.4% in the Kanto region, same viewing rating as last year. The highest viewing rate at 35.5% was recorded at 8:48 pm during Hayashiya Taihei’s charity marathon finish.

The 24-Hour TV drama “Momoku no Yoshinori Sensei ~Hikari wo Ushinatte Kokoro ga Mieta~” (Blind Teacher Yoshinori) starring NEWS Kato Shigeaki recorded a rating of 20.5%. This is a bit higher than last year’s 20.2% rating. The drama filming experienced a setback when actor Takahata Yuta was arrested last August 23. His scenes in the drama were quickly re-filmed and he was replaced in the role by NEWS Koyama Keiichiro.

The fund-raising event has collected a total of 233,699,751 Yen on August 28, 8 pm.

24HOUR TV Drama




NEWS singing FULL SWING during Hayashiya Taihei’s marathon, their now 4-nin anthem

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